Christmas Crackers in Downtown Tauranga

2 December 2019

Christmas Crackers in Downtown Tauranga

We are so proud to be part of this collaborative, creative, oh so Christmas project for our city centre!! Thanks to The Incubator, Tauranga City Council, Richard at Black Chilli and our amazing local artists who created the designs... for bringing these giant crackers to life! See them now in Downtown Tauranga on Devonport Road and Grey Street. See below information about the amazing artists involved....

Christie Cramer
Since beginning to paint full time in 2014 I have been involved in many group and solo exhibitions also creating commissioned pieces, working with the buyers to come up with a personalized painting to suit their requirements. I have enjoyed seeing my work find homes throughout New Zealand and overseas. I am self-taught, joining the Tauranga Society of Artists when I began to paint in 2014, attending workshops and open studios there to learn more from fellow artists.

I love to use the bold, vibrant, translucent colours which set my work apart. Subjects while still recognizable, become abstracted versions of themselves, often the imperfections in nature are what makes a subject interesting to me and this is reflected in my work.
Currently, a range of my work is on display at Macandmor Gallery in Tauranga.

Constanza Briceno
Inspired by a handwritten calligraphy notebook from childhood Briceno's artistic production aims to show the beauty of the mistake, to explore repetition and process. Freed from seeking perfection, Constanza creates asymmetrical structures across the canvas. In a methodical disorder, these structures often recall known landscapes and experiences. Constanza Briceño was born in Santiago de Chile in 1979. Her work has been shown in Argentina, Chile, Auckland, Hamilton, Wellington and Tauranga. In 2001, she obtained Baccalaureate degree in Art from Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. Since then, she has been involved in different studios, group and solo exhibitions. She currently lives and works in Papamoa, New Zealand.

Jackie Knotts
Graduated in painting Ilam School of Fine Arts. Studied etching with John Drawbridge at Wellington Polytechnic. Completed advanced studies in etching at Central and Camberwell Art colleges, London. Now works mainly in relief printing using lino blocks. Set up Imprint Gallery at the Historic Village in 2019 

Millie Newitt
Millie’s art-making process involves a gathering of information, imagery, photographs and materials which inspire the creation of mixed media pieces. Each creation is a personalised world, with many symbols and mediums interacting with one another. There is usually an element of revealing and concealing of imagery and meaning in Millie’s art, as well as interactive components. This provides an intricate and captivating viewing experience with multiple meanings attached that are open to discussion and interpretation by the viewer.

About the artist
Millie has a strong passion for art, culture and community. Following her studies in Media, Communications and Fine Arts, Millie worked for two years at Creative Bay of Plenty as Gallery Curator and Arts Advisor. She continues working in Tauranga as Mainstreet Coordinator, helping the city to evolve and thrive as a dynamic, collaborative and creative place. An artist in her own right, Millie specialises in murals and placemaking projects which she believes massively contributes to the heart of a city.

Mandy Williams
Since she can remember Mandy has dreamt of being an Artist. She started painting after having her first child. ‘Having children reminded me of the simple things in life that are so special’. Once I had my inspiration it was hard to put my brush down!’ 

Mandy has shared her passion for art and children by creating commissioned pieces for families for the past 14 years.

Her current ‘Indulge’ series combines two of her passions, interior design and painting. Based on children and their pets, capturing the hum of youthful wonder and unexpected friendships. Indulging in layers of acrylics, ornate wallpapers, and 22crt gold foiling. Hoping to inspire people to have the confidence to play with their own interiors, matching & experimenting with wallpapers/fabrics to complete the look in their homes with anything from cushions, curtains to wallpaper.

Mandy’s style is constantly evolving and developing as she explores different mediums and substrates.

Rob McGregor
I live in Mt Maunganui opposite the ocean, swim often and mow my lawn occasionally, preferring the latter to die and turn brown in the Summer months. I have worked as a professional artist since 1999. We have a red letterbox. 
I trained in Wellington, was a general teacher. After teaching all primary ages I became an art teacher for about six years. Then, as the District Art Adviser, helped teachers and schools through the Waikato-Bay of Plenty with their art programmes. I created a variety of books and educational resources on teaching art processes such as painting, drawing, weaving, sculpture, design, construction, printmaking and Maori Art and acted as a consultant for National Art Curriculum and Monitoring programmes.
I now paint as a professional artist and occasionally tutor artists’ groups. In recent years, Joanne, my wife and I put together short video lessons on Youtube. Hundreds of my original works and many thousands of reproductions hang in countries all over the world. The only thing I find useful in a Xmas Cracker is the paper hat.

Nick Eggleston
"Originally from Yorkshire, UK, I graduated from Chesterfield College of Art and Design in 1981with a distinction in Studio Ceramics.
Over the years since I have worked as an art tutor for a youth training agency, a prison, college of further education and in the mental health sector while developing my own style of painting and illustration.
I’m now a resident artist at The Incubator Creative Hub.
I am a watercolour painter, potter and shoemaker."

Lynette Fisher
Lynette Fisher is an arts practitioner, creative co-ordinator for The Incubator Creative Hub and an academic staff member for the Toi Ohomai on the Bachelor of Creative Industries degree.
She is passionate about the continuation of the learning and teaching of art and enjoys the challenges of mentorship and inspiring people in the pursuit of the arts.

Michelle Estall
I am a self-taught artist based in Tauranga, New Zealand. I have always had a passion for the arts. As early back as I can remember I have found the act of creating a wonderful outlet to express myself, let my mind relax and be in the moment. From a very early age, I spent many hours drawing. My love of painting did not come until much later in my college years. My passion for painting continued into adulthood but remained in the background as I worked in other industries and became a parent. Over the last few years, with my children now in school, I have had the opportunity to pursue my lifelong dream of becoming a fulltime artist.

My work often reflects my heritage but also my journey. Within my art practice and through the medium of acrylic I express my thoughts and emotions on canvas.

Timo Ranalli
For years, Timo Rannali's artwork has brought memories and locations to life in a colourful and fun way. For those lucky to have an original in their home or workplace they are always a point of interest and enjoyment.