The Rock are judging the Taste Tauranga Burger Comp!

9 August 2019

The Rock are judging the Taste Tauranga Burger Comp!

15 restaurants, 15 burgers, 1 supreme burger winner – who will it be?

The Downtown Tauranga best burger competition has started as part of Taste Tauranga this month and Sam and Casey from The Rock have the…. very tough, job of judging the competition! They started last week at Oscar and Otto, taking to Instagram saying "Otto Eatery hitting it out of the park with a Southern Style Beef Brisket Burger. Epic burger and as good a service you’ll get. Great people and a great burger. Much love to Hamish and Karen”. Then they were at RYE Bar & Grill and said “Rye Kitchen stepped up to the plate and hit us with a MASSIVE feed! The Marmite Monster is a marmite laced beef pattie, bacon, provolone cheese, fried pickles, tomato relish, pickle mayo and rocket in a double pattie – line up!”

Choose the burgers you want to try and remember to vote for your favourite "people's choice" award! Just by voting you’ll go in to win $300 in dining vouchers, Downtown Tauranga. See it all here


"The Terrace Burger gives you the choice of a beef or falafel pattie, with cheese, tomato, mesclun and a nice chutney! The falafel pattie was definitely a solid option and a tasty vegetarian burger." Sam Vincent

"Robert Harris Coffee Roasters chucking 2 burger options in the mix. 2 solid options – covering both ends of the dietary spectrum. Breakfast Burger – angus beef pattie, spinach, bacon, hash brown, poached egg, hollandaise, brioche bun. The Vege Stacked Burger – grilled mushroom, beetroot relish, rocket, halloumi, tomato, brioche bun. Their homemade brioche buns were an absolute stand out. As good as it gets. Also hollandaise sauce in a burger is a game changer." Sam Vincent


"At the Crown and Badger with the Full Monty Python! 200g Angus beef brisket patty with bacon, crumbed camembert, fried egg, caramelised onion, cheddar cheese, MAD sauce, beets and salad in a toasted Volare brioche bun topped with a pickle. The fullest I have been after a burger in a long time. Even had the chef come out and run us through every component of the burger. Outstanding feed." Sam Vincent


The Brooklyn Burger: "The only chicken entry and man it’s good. Classic buffalo chicken, McClure’s pickles, aioli and a side of herb potatoes – it’s the ideal midday solution that will set you up for a dreamy afternoon."

The Phoenix Burger: "Solid Angus beef burger. Great use of bacon and cheese. On Thursdays between 4pm and 9pm enjoy a Phoenix Gourmet Burger for just $15."

The #107Burger at Cornerstone: "They went all out on this one. A 220g NZ ground beef pattie stuffed with mozzarella cheese and an egg yolk, served with tomatoes, lettuce, gherkins, crispy pancetta and truffle mayonnaise on a sesame rosemary bun. Accompanied by kumara croquettes, mushroom deluxe, ketchup, mustard and aioli pearls with a syringe filled with beef and beer jus to inject into your burger."

The Gunslinger Burger at Lonestar: "A great fish option! Fresh beer battered snapper on a sour dough bun with lettuce, red onion, coleslaw, gherkins and cucumber, caramelised onion and tartare sauce. Accompanied by kumara chips and siracha mayo."

Sam Vincent



The Barrel Room: “This was EPIC! A mouth watering home-made 150g prime beef patty, topped with melted Kikorangi blue cheese, sizzling streaky bacon, fresh fancy lettuce, red onion, pickle spears, aioli and the house burger relish. All packed into a lightly toasted brioche bun and served with The Barrel Room fries.” Sam Vincent